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Our vision

We believe every child should discover the joy of movement in a non-competitive environment. That’s why we make sure a child’s first experience of sport is FUN! We achieve this with playful exercises rooted in a methodology that gives kids a positive emotional experience.

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Our programmes

We have two programmes: Gymnathlon and SportAnalytik. Both are up and running in 24 countries around the world.

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Year-round fun-filled sports programme for kids in 4 different age categories:

  • Baby – 2.5 to 4 years of age
  • Junior – 4 to 6 years of age (most popular)
  • SportMix – 6 to 8 years of age
  • Active 8-11 years of age

  • Gymnathlon takes place once a week during school term (Sep-Jun) but can also be run as a 5-day summer camp
  • Small groups – 2 coaches supervising 20 kids max.
  • Themed motivational fun for smaller kids with Mascot Max, our cuddly-toy monkey + Max’s activity map to chart progress
  • Multiform training incorporating comprehensive movements used in a wide range of sports
  • Promotes a sense of play, fun and togetherness
  • Kids discover their natural talents at their own pace
  • No pressure to perform or get fast results
  • Methodology developed by sports science experts from Charles University in Prague
  • Fastest growing sports programme in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria
  • Our goal is to have Gymnathlon in 10 countries by the end of 2024
7 countries:
Sports testing system that helps kids find the right sports
  • 9 simple and engaging physical tests
  • Tests are completed in 3 hours and take place over one day
  • Science-based methodology developed in partnership with Charles University Prague
  • After testing, kids receive 2 custom reports revealing their natural talents (Talent Report) and the sports they’re likely to excel in (Sports Report), containing:
    • A percentile rank for each test highlighting the child's strengths and weaknesses
    • An individual assessment showing how every child fared compared to his/her peers
    • A description of the child's dominant physical skill
    • The top 5 sports for the child ranked in order of suitability + 3 alternative sports + links to sports affiliations
  • Helps parents with the tough task of finding a sport their child will enjoy
  • Increases the chances of children falling in love with sport
24 countries:


“I must say Gymnathlon has exceeded my expectations. My kids really enjoy each session. Nobody’s standing on the sidelines and everyone exercises together. But what I especially like is how passionate the coaches are. They're there to make sure everyone has as much fun as possible.”
Jana Kantorova
“I’ve pursued the field of talent selection in sport for over 25 years. SportAnalytik is a programme that applies a science-based method to help children discover their natural sporting abilities. It’s a fantastic project for the general public.”
doc. Tomas Peric, Ph.D.
Sports science expert at the Faculty of Physical Education & Sports, Charles University Prague

Customer satisfaction score 9.5 out of 10

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We’re always looking for new companies to join our growing network. Since 2014 we’ve licensed our successful programmes to 23 different partners around the world.

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  1. Get in touch with us and apply for a license.
  2. We’ll then help you launch the brand, including training in marketing best practices, methodology and web/software support.
  3. All you need to do is manage the locations, staff and local campaigns.

A win-win for everyone

You earn revenue that grows your business while helping thousands of children fall in love with sport.

Motivated kids who love our programmes = happy parents who spread the good news = increased brand awareness.

As our community builds, so does the reputation of all our partners.

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We believe sport can be a source of positive emotion in children’s lives. Interested in joining our community?
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